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“The Westfield shopping centers have established their labs to integrate digital media into the shopping experience for their mall customers. This might range from apps to find out where in the mall a certain item might be found, or how to order your meal in advance of getting to the food court or restaurant. As shopping malls turn more and more into entertainment destinations, advance purchases for movies that has been prevalent for years now will translate into a host of other engagements for shoppers.” – Forbes, Fashion Tech Labs Are All The Rage: A Guide to 11 Fashion Tech Labs and What they Offer by Kay Koplovitz

“Westfield Labs’ headquarters in San Francisco looks like a software start-up, with an open floor plan and white boards that ostensibly encourage collaboration and brainstorming for more than 50 project designers WWD, Retailers Aim to Stay Competitive in Tech by Valerie Demicheva

“Westfield, which owns 87 large shopping malls around the world, has a two-year-old digital arm, Westfield Labs, which is trying to create a more high-tech shopping experience in its physical centers. Westfield has teamed up with services that will deliver shoppers’ purchased items so they don’t have to be lugged to the office, hotel or car. Over the holidays last year, it installed digital kiosks from eBay, Sony, Toms Shoes and Rebecca Minkoff where shoppers could browse giant touch screens, choose items and check out on their phones. The company even has an exploratory app for its food courts that lets nearby workers order ahead and check out without going through the long lunchtime lines.” – The New York Times, A New Kind of E-Commerce Adds a Personal Touch by Molly Wood

“They are part of Westfield Labs, a division formed by the Westfield Group in 2012 to help bring modern-day ideas to the 54-year-old company that owns 90 shopping centers around the world. The new department was the brainchild of Steven Lowy, the co-chief executive officer for Westfield Group.” – San Francisco Business Times, Westfield Labs: A Mature Brand Snags New Tech by David Mills

“The goal of Westfield Labs is to rethink how traditional retailers operate in Westfield Group’s shopping centers across the globe. While in-store shopping still accounts for the bulk of revenue for retailers, ecommerce continues to chip into sales.” – AdWeek, This Innovation Lab is Designing the Mall of the Future; Food court delivery and shoppable screens by Lauren Johnson

“I don’t think it’s a world where you’re purely going to walk in and a robot’s going to hand you the shirt that you browsed online. There’s gonna be people that do want that human-to-human interaction, I think the difference is they’ll actually be able to order it on demand whenever they want it, their way.” –Kevin McKenzie, CNBC, The Future of Shopping by Courtney Regan

“The touch screens were developed by San Francisco-based Westfield Labs, who were previously featured in Fast Company for their work creating similar touch-screen interfaces for eBay in a West Coast shopping mall. The Garden State Plaza project is the Westfield’s first attempt at replacing traditional mall kiosks with touch screens outside of the eBay project at the Westfield San Francisco Centre mall.” – Fast Company, Mall Advertising Gets Interactive by Neil Ungerleider

“Allowing shoppers to order from the food court online or on the phone could help the mall become more of a central hub for consumers, McKenzie said. In the future, the program may help Westfield stores deliver products that consumers order online within the hour.”- Reuters, Westfield tests food-ordering program as mall operators tackle rise of e-commerce by Deepa Seetharaman

“The Westfield mall at Market and Fifth Streets — which is one of the most trafficked tourist spots in the city — was chosen for the new food delivery pilot rolled out by Westfield Labs, an entity of shopping mall giant Westfield Group. The Westfield food delivery app joins an incredibly crowded field in San Francisco, which includes Spoonrocket, Sprig and Munchery and other startups.” – San Francisco Business Times, Westfield Labs brings mall to you with new food delivery app by Annie Sciacca

“One of its most recent applications is Dine On Time, an app that lets busy shoppers skip the line at restaurants in its food court and pay for their meal via mobile app. Since many of the diners in its San Francisco location are actually workers who have offices nearby, time is of the essence, and being able to place an order without having to wait in line is huge.” – TechCrunch, From Westfield Labs Comes An App to Let You Pre-Order Meals From The Food Court by Ryan Lawler

“While Westfield Corp. operates 40 malls around the world, Bespoke is a local idea. It’s the brainchild of Westfield Corp.’s co-CEO Steven Lowy working with global chief digital officer Kevin McKenzie, who runs Westfield Labs — a team of about 60 on Level 5 of San Francisco Centre. Two years ago, Labs was formed to experiment with ways to link the digital shopper with the physical world, and Bespoke — its most high-profile project to date — was tailored to the types of startups with which Labs often meets. These might include developers of wearable tech, location-based apps and user-generated content platforms, and online-only retailers and “traditional” retailers looking to innovate, McKenzie says.” – San Francisco Chronicle, Westfield San Francisco Centre pioneers new mall concept: Bespoke, By Maghan McDowell

“The mall concept is evolving, and Westfield San Francisco Centre is developing a new tactic to boost foot traffic and, ultimately, sales. It’s called Bespoke and it’s a collaborative effort between Westfield Corp.’s co-CEO Steven Lowy and Kevin McKenzie, the global chief digital officer in charge of SF-based Westfield Labs. The project launches in Spring 2015, and will convert empty space in the mall into an area for events, a shared workspace, and even a bouldering wall.” – Racked SF, Westfield’s New Event Space is Custom Tailored for SF by Esther Hahn