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Westfield Corp Is Transforming The Face of Retail

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Iconic shopping centres in major cities around the world, integrating the best in fashion, food, leisure, entertainment and digital technology with the world's leading retail brands

Our Vision Video

Westfield Labs launched in October 2012 as an entity of Westfield Corp, serving as a global digital lab focused on removing the friction from physical commerce.

Westfield Labs is committed to transforming emerging ideas and technologies into viable businesses that move the retail industry forward.

The team develops and pilots new technologies that converge the digital shopper with the physical world. Over time, new products, partnerships and services will be commercialized globally.

Our Customers

Our customers are the billions of shoppers around the world making more than 1.1 billion shopping visits a year at more than 85 of our shopping centers. As shopper expectations and desires in both the physical and digital worlds shift, our goal is to bring them the most unified, intuitive and personalized shopping experience possible.

Our Leadership

  • Kevin McKenzie
    Kevin McKenzie Global Chief Digital Officer
  • Antony Ritch
    Antony Ritch Chief Operating Officer .....

Kevin McKenzie

Global Chief Digital Officer

Westfield Corp

Kevin McKenzie oversees the development of Westfield Corporation's digital strategy and product development including the Westfield Labs division. He leads the integration of Westfield's shopping centres globally with emerging digital technology. Before joining Westfield, Mr McKenzie was the Founder and President of NinthDecimal and Senior Vice President, Shopping Services, with CNET Networks Inc., where he led the development of the first comparison shopping site.

Antony Ritch

Chief Operating Officer .....

Westfield Corp

Antony Ritch is the Chief Operating Officer for Westfield Labs. With almost 20 years of experience with Westfield, Antony most recently held the position of Senior Vice President Development & Regional Leader - Northwest, for Westfield US. During his career with Westfield, Antony has worked throughout Australia and the United States, in Management, Marketing, Leasing and Development. 

We Focus On The New Digital Shopper

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

Consumers Can Get Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Digital channels are enabling 24/7 access to products and new on-demand services.

Physical Stores Still Play a Huge Role in the Shopping Journey

Enabling consumers to shop via multiple channels pays off: average spend of 3-channel consumers is more than twice that of single channel shoppers.

(Source: The Verde Group, "Together with the JH.Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School")

Mobile is a Must

Number of worldwide mobile internet users surpassed the number of desktop internet users in 2014.

Is Relevant

In order to meet the on-demand nature that shoppers expect, you have to deliver unique services that remove friction across all touchpoints.

72% Bought Online After Browsing In-Store * ("Showrooming")
78% Bought In-Store After Browsing Online * ("Webrooming")
50% Of All Retail Sales Are influenced By
Digital **
*Accenture, "Seamless Retailing Research Study 2014" **Deloitte Digital, "The New Digital Divide" 2014